A suite of highly effective computer programs that can be used at home online or offline

With a massive database of content available, Cami brings the latest and best practice to life. Learners are able to practice material until they understand it, at their own pace, based on the level that they are at.

Cami Mathematics

Cami Maths is a fun and interactive educational software system that helps learners understand mathematical concepts.

Cami Perceptual

Cami Perceptual Skills Builder is a complete Foundation Phase system that helps learners develop basic skills.

Cami Reader

Cami Reader is a complete reading and language system that helps learners improve language fluency in both English and Afrikaans.

Cami Literacy logo

Cami Literacy

Cami Literacy is a complete language system that helps learners develop a love of reading.

What others say

“My youngest likes watching TV and playing outside. Liyema was not doing very well in school, he was scoring 2’s and 3’s, and even failed a class. I urged him to study but after numerous interventions he failed Grade 2. I was devastated with his results and knew I had to make a plan. I instantly purchased Cami and Liyema has been performing well ever since. On his last report, he scored 5’s and 6’s and he is so proud of himself. Cami really works!”