Cami Mathematics is available on the web.

Cami Maths is a fun and interactive educational software system that helps learners understand mathematical concepts.

Thousands of exercises at various levels of difficulty

  • Adaptive learning feature to automate individualised learning.
  • Fastest Mathematics software available on the market.
  • A complete Mathematics system with thousands of exercises at various levels of difficulty.
  • Exercises are automatically marked.
  • Learners’ progress is monitored.
  • SpeedNotes supplement the exercises.

For kids aged 5 – 18 years

  • Line-by-line calculations allow learners to easily transition from the software to paper application.
  • There are two menu options per grade (term or topic) and both follow the CAPS structure.
  • Drill and practice activities help learners master materials at their own pace.
  • New Technical Mathematics course.

It works.
Cami Maths help learners acquire
and develop new skills.