Cami Perceptual Skills Builder is available on the web.

Cami Perceptual Skills Builder is a complete Foundation Phase system that helps learners develop basic skills.

Learn all about shapes, sizes and spatial orientation with Cami.

  • Adaptive learning feature to automate individualised learning.
  • A learner with well-developed perceptual skills will acquire new skills and absorb new information quickly and effectively.
  • The only, single comprehensive system that addresses all the perceptual topics.
  • Ideal tool to advance learning receptivity.
  • Enhances intellectual development.

For kids aged 4 – 10 years

  • The only program of its kind that addresses all perceptual topics such as colour, shape, spatial orientation, numeracy and more.
  • Focuses on whole brain development.
  • It’s interactive, fun and easy to use.
  • Provides a firm foundation for the learning that is to follow.

It’s easy. Learners are guided
every step of the way.