Get the Cami Reader program for the whole year for only R670

Cami Reader is a complete reading and language system that helps learners become fluent and proficient readers.

As easy as a, b, c.

  • The interactive exercises cover the alphabet, sight words, spelling, grammar, and much more.
  • Auditory instructions help learners complete engaging phonics exercises.
  • Graded reading material ensures that learners access reading pieces compatible with their ability.

For kids aged 5 – 18 years

  • Cami helps learners develop new reading techniques and expand their vocabulary.
  • Cami increases reading speed as learners learn to read groups of words instead of one word at a time.
  • The Cami Reader includes a comprehensive phonics section.
  • Any text can be changed into a reading piece.
  • Some levels have sound and stories are read to the learner.

It's fun.

The interactive exercises are simple, straightforward and fun.

Cami Reader helps learners become fluent and proficient readers.