Cami Web Perceptual Skills Builder (30 licenses)



CAMI Perceptual Skills Builder is a complete Foundation Phase system that helps learners develop basic skills.

Age Guide: 4 – 10 years

Technical Specifications

Any device running the Google Chrome browser with the system requirements. The device should meet the minimum system requirements before you install and use the Google Chrome browser.

Important: It’s possible that Chrome may install on other platforms or versions not listed here. However, Google enterprise level support is limited to systems that meet the minimum requirements. Google does not provide support if you install Chrome on any system that does not meet the specified criteria.

What you can expect

1. Visit our contact page and provide us with your details.
2. A licence will automatically be created. You will receive a confirmation email with your login details.
3. Log in and add learners.
4. Learners can start using the Cami programs and practise their skills online.